About Productions & Concerts

Thierry Wolf is producing The Red Army Choir since 1990

After having produced many recordings of the famous Bolshoi Theater, at the period under management of Vladimir Vassiliev the famous former star dancer, husband of the star Ekaterina Maximova, the French producer Thierry Wolf was starting to work with the Ensemble Alexandrov he liked to listen to when he was a kid.

In 1990, he began to work on the masters of the entire academic and in 1992, he produced a archive album "Songs & Marches of the Great Patriotic War" (reference 3483901011820) which also comes together with a book of veterans testimonies of WWII  he interviewed one by one to collect their words. The album was very successful. Under the supervision of his company (FGL PRODUCTIONS), he manages many productions which became successful too and produced many recordings for discs and video licensed to Majors such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Club Dial or Deutsche Grammophon but also directly on the Kosmos records label. Which is a specialty to propose in digital the most beautiful masterworks of the Red Army Choir. Thierry Wolf also saves many historical recordings by restoring archival documents from Gostéléradiofonds then be digitized.

In 1998 the Red Army Choir released album’s "The Red Army Choir Sings Christmas" (ref: 3700403506143) which for the first time carries the stylized logo of the set that will be adopted later on the posters. This logo was created at his request by a theFrench designer (Fabrice Trovato).

In 2003, The Red Army Choir recorded in Mosfilms Studios, Moscow, two albums featuring operatic arias entitled "Les Grands Classiques (The Great Classics)" (Universal Music Ref: 3700403510195). The album designed by Thierry Wolf and Willy Wenger will be a great success and only Club Dial sold it more than 100,000 copies (a gold award was given on this occasion to Willy Wenger and Thierry Wolf). Since the death of their historic producer (Mr. Sarfati), the Red Army Choirs had not been produced in Europe. After an absence of 17 years, they was finally back in France for a tour and two full concerts at the Casino de Paris on December 16th and 17th, 2003. This return was produced by Thierry Wolf, who for the occasion has teamed up with the company Scherzo Productions. Between 2010 and 2017, the French producer produced many other Russian ensembles, with which he meets great success (including triple platinum award in France in 2012). Now,  under the leadership of the new Red Army Choir Conductor Gennadiy Sachenyuk, the Ensemble is launched in a big world tour in 2019. Thierry Wolf produces dates all over Europe including France, Belgium, Switzerland ...  And the Ensemble will be back in UK at the famous London Palladium, on April 23th.A big adventure which continues between this French producer (who in the meantime married a Russian woman with whom he had a baby named Katyusha) and Academic Ensemble of the Alexandrov Choirs who triumph more than ever around the world.