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The Power of Voices


90 years of triumph around the world

Most famous Choir


Worldwide Renowned Choir

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Amazing Ballet


Legendary russians dancers

Maestro Sachenyuk rewarded !


Celebration day for Maestro Sachenyuk, leader of Red Army Choir awarded on sept 13th

The Alexandrov Ensemble's Maestro received the highest reward for a Russian artist from the hand of its Minister !

Another medal for Gennady Sachenyuk

Minister of Russian Federation rewarded Maestro Sachnyuk as Artist of Russia

One of the best reward from Russian Federation for the Conductor Sachenyuk which lead the Ensemble to the success

2019 Sept 13th, a celebration day for th Maestro

Russian Minister congratuled Maestro Sachenyuk for his reward

The Minister congratuled the Chief Orchestra which is triumph all over the world since he is the leader of Alexandrov Ensemble

Red Army Choir Alexandrov  poster for upcoming concerts in Romania

The Red Army Choir in Romania

Coming Events

The Alexandrov Ensemble conducted by Maestro Gennadiy Sachenyuk just ended its European tour (visiting France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and more...). but already back in october in Europe (Romania) where will take place 2 prestigious concerts!

More about Concerts

To know more about next performances of the Red Army Choir, click on this link and see a selection of upcoming events


2019 ? What a year !

Alexandrov Ensemble around the world

After visiting France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Turkey... The Red Army Choir will continue their worldwide tour 2019 by two concerts in Romania (october 13th and 14th) before  to reclaim new territories including a major tour in China and a major series of concerts in Canada in december !

More dates...

Want to know more about the coming concerts of Alexandrov Ensemble ? Come to visit regulary our website where you will find the calendar of the Official Ensemble of Russian Federation


The Red Army Choir On Tour

Photo of 2019 Tour

As a familly photo which show you 130 artists of  famous Red Army Choir Alexandrov Ensemble including Thierry Wolf's  technical and production team.

A photo Story...

At the center, Maestro Gennadiy Sachenyuk, chief of Alexandrov Red ArmyChoir, at his right Thierry Wolf, chairman of FGL Productions and producer of the Red Army  Choir, then Mikhail Marushevskii, Vice-Manager of the famous Ensemble and at his left Nathalie Lallement (General Manager of FGL Productions)... 130 artists and technicians and production staff on tour.

Full booked theaters for Alexandrov !

 The Alexandrov Ensemble triumph in Europe during this 2019 Tour produced by Thierry WOLF for FGL PRODUCTIONS

Paris (France) is celebrating The Red Army Choir

End of a successful tour for The Red Army Choir conducted by Maestro Gennadiy Sachenyuk. The Alexandrov Ensemble performed 24 concerts all over Europe (France, Belgium, Switezrland...)

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Vadim Anaviev, one of the legendary soloist from the Academic Alexandrov Ensemble, is singing the world famous "Kalinka"!

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Maxim Maklakov singing  Rossini "Figaro" ! Most famous baryton air "Largo Al Factotum della Cia" by new Alexandrov Ensemble Opera Soloist!

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Russian Traditionnal song (The Rye) by Alexander Cruz, on European tour starting march 2019



Official Academic Ensemble of the Federation of Russia

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Red Army Choir Music Selection

2019 Official Album

Official Album of Red Army Choir Tour produced by Thierry WOLF fo FGL Productions

Official Album of 2019 Tour, this album includes a selection of titles recorded and conducted by Maestro Gennadiy Sachenyuk for European 2019 Tour

Partisan's Song

Partisan's song original cover album

Cult album which included one of the best version of Russian's Partisans song ever recorded

Greatest Hits

greatest Alexandrov Red Army Choir original album, remastered by FGL Productions

From Song of Soviet Army to Field my Field, many famous recording of Alexandrov Ensemble from the 60's

Red Army Choir Music Selection

A Paris


  • Great Prize of Disc Paris 1961

Bolshoï Theater


  •  The Red Army Choir at the Bolshoï theater

The Horsemen


  • Album conducted by Boris Alexandrov

Partisan's Song


  • French Partisan's song and more golden hits

Great Recordings


EMI Collection Great Recording 

of the Century

By the Valley...


  • Tchapaiev the Hero                    and more hits