The Red Army Choir wishes you an Happy New Year 2019


The Power of Voices

Happy New Year 2019

Message from Conductor & General Manager of Red Army Choir:

"My Friends, I wishes you an happy new year 2019 ! 

Happiness and good Health for you and your family. 

I would like to thanks again all people which welcomed us in 2018 (China, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, etc) and all friends around the world which will welcome us in 2019 (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic...). 

I could not give all your names but ALL, you are already into our thoughts and our hearts."

Gennadiy Sachenyuk

TOUR 2019

90 years of triumph around the world

Most famous Choir

Worldwide Renowned Choir

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Amazing Ballet

Legendary russians dancers

Belgium & Switzerland Tour

Tour Trailer 2019

The Red Army Choir on Tour 2019

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Vadim Anaviev, one of the legendary soloist from the Academic Ensemble, is singing the world famous "Kalinka"!

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Maxim Maklakov singing  Rossini "Figaro" ! Most famous baryton air "Largo Al Factotum della Cia"

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Definitively the best voices of Russia...

Now listen young soloist Sergey Kuznetsov on tour from March 29th to April 21th 2019

The Golden Voices of Red Army Choir

Russian Traditionnal song (The Rye) by Alexander Cruz, on European tour starting march 2019

Memories of the Red Army Choir

Since 1928, the best voices are performing into our famous academic ensemble.

See some famous singers from the past which made history of the ensemble  which today remains  the most famous choir of the world

The Red Army Choir at the Bolshoi

Special Event

For  the celebration of the 90th anniversary of their creation (October  2018), The Red Army Choir performed on October 16th for an exceptional  concert on the world famous Opera stage in the world!
For the occasion, the conductor of the ensemble, Gennadiy Sachenyuk,  performed with more than 250 artists (choir, orchestra and ballet) and guest such as Mosseïv, Beriuska... A major event on the world music scene or when  two jewels of Russian culture meet in one and only mythical theater.

Legendary concerts

October 16th 2018, the famous ensemble was at the Bolshoi stage to celebrate 90th anniversary of its creation. 2019 is the year of celebration with many concerts programmed all over the world.


Red Army Choir Masterpieces

The "Sacred War", legendary song from the WWII composed by founder Alexander Alexandrov, Live at Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow

The Red Army Choir at the Bolshoi

 October 16th, The Alexandrov Ensemble triumphed in Moscow 



Official Academic Ensemble of the Federation of Russia

Zemledel'cheskiy per., d.20, Moskva, 119121

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