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Gennadiy Sachenyuk aka "The Maestro"  is now the conductor and Artistic Director of the Alexandrov Official Academic Ensemble of Dance, Music and Choir of Russian Federation founded in 1928


Founder and first conductor of The Red Army Choir, now conducted by Gennadiy Sachenyuk

General Alexandrov

Alexander Vassilievitch ALEXANDROV, founder of the RED ARMY CHOIR, born in Russia, April 13th

Born in Plakhino in April 13th 1883

Alexandrov conducting the Red Army Choir at early beginning. Now conducted by Gennadiy Sachenyuk

Red Army Choir founder in 1928



General Major, Founder of THE RED ARMY CHOIR



Since April 2013, a monument took place in the park in front of the Alexandrov's Ensemble building in Moscow




Boris Alexandrov, son as the father...

After founder's death, his own son succeed as main Conductor and chief of the Alexandrov Ensemble during 41 years !



Boris Alexandrov, received a lot of rewards starting 1949 to the end of his life for its work as chief and conductor of the Ensemble names after his father A.V ALEXANDROV


From Alexander to Gennadiy...

Since 1928, a douzen of Chiefs succeed as the head of the Red Army Choir. The Ensemble is now conducted and directed by Colonel Gennadiy SACHENYUK, nicknamed "The Maestro".


THE RED ARMY CHOIR, a part of world music history...


Red Army Choir Biography

The most famous choir...

  In order to fully understand the power of the deep and mighty voices of the Red Army Choir, it is necessary to consider the history of Russia itself. The two cannot be separated. This choir of men, all of them soldiers of the revolution, had a fundamental role to play. Born to serve and sustain the fatherland, its task was to lift the morale of the exhausted troops, and it did so by glorifying the revolutionary ideal, allowing people to re-live the spirit of the October Revolution and the storming of the Winter Palace. As people listened to the Choir, the voices of these men, these soldiers, became the voice of the brand new U.S.S.R., the voice of the Soviets. 

This strong spirit sprang from a people who had suffered much: under the tsars, during the wars, throughout the revolutions, the famines and the political indoctrination. Through all of this, the spirit of the Soviets endured, rising again after every false step, strengthened by the hardships.
But the Russian people are also open and extremely sensitive to culture, art and literature. They are a people who have had to be strong from the very beginning because their roots lie in one of the harshest territories in the world.
Their spirit, and this, their choir, is truly exceptional. It has to be, because it is the soul of Russia, it represents the country, makes it grow and shine. It is a warm, brave soul, full of life and hope. 

Then, this world famous Choir was going to help the new East people to write pages of their modern history. In those voices, we already felt brighter future getting up. 

Since its origins, only one russian ensemble is touring since the origins, the one and only :  RED ARMY CHOIR which became RED ARMY CHOIR ALEXANDROV when the prestigious title when the Ensemble was honored by its state and could have the name of the creator and composer of world famous Russian anthem : Alexandre Alexandrov.
Since 1928, the world famous Ensemble is touring all over the world, visiting more than 100 of countries. performing more than 10.000 shows , in different languages, in front of more than 20 million astonished spectators.
Thos choir, musicians and dancers has performed in over 100 countries and in the most prestigious concert halls of China, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany and France. 

The past 30 years, those ensembles triumphed on all the continents having considerably modernized their directory and performances, which allowed the Red Army Choir to reach a wider, more family public. 

By the prestige and the eclectism of this military-artists, who mixes with great panache during the shows, the traditional melodies of the Russian folklore, the songs of the Patriotic War and also the most famous classic  or international varities. In 2016, the Ensemble need to be front of a tragedy : 64 artists from their artists line-up died in plane crash, including their leader and general (V.Khalilov).

A new and charistmatic conducter need to replace him, gennadiy Sachenyuk is the providential man. Under its director, the Alexandrov survive to this drama and are now back on stage.

The Red Army Choir Alexandrov Russians choir Ensembles is now, one of the major artistic troops of the international scene.

As well as Bolshoi, the greatest vocal Ensemble   remains  a world artistic treasure ! ». 

The Red Army Choir remains a real symobol which the name still resounds on all the planet during their triumphant tours. October 12th 2018, the Ensemble celebrate the 90th anniversary of is foundation! New Conductor Sachenyuk decided to fly all over the world to celebrate this anniversary. The Red Army Choir Alexandrov are unbreakable. 

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Created on october 12th 1928. The Ensemble became world famous under the direction of founder's son Boris Alexandrov. The soul of russian this resound into each of their voice.