The Red Army Choir at the Bolshoi

Special Event

For  the celebration of the 90th anniversary of their creation (October  2018), The Red Army Choir performed on October 16th for an exceptional  concert on the world famous Opera stage in the world!

For the occasion, the conductor of the ensemble, Gennadiy Sachenyuk,  performed with more than 250 artists (choir, orchestra and ballet) and guest such as Mosseïv, Beriuska... A major event on the world music scene or when  two jewels of Russian culture (Bolshoï Theater and Alexandrov Ensemble) meet in one and only mythical theater.

Legendary concerts

October 16th 2018, the famous ensemble was at the Bolshoi stage to celebrate 90th anniversary of its creation. 2019 is the year of celebration with many concerts programmed all over the world.

Paris (France) is celebrating The Red Army Choir

End of a successful tour for The Red Army Choir conducted by Maestro Gennadiy Sachenyuk. The Alexandrov Ensemble performed 24 concerts all over Europe (France, Belgium, Switezrland...)

Maestro Sachenyuk rewarded !

Celebration day for Maestro Sachenyuk, leader of Red Army Choir awarded on sept 13th


The Alexandrov Ensemble's Maestro received the highest reward for a Russian artist from the hand of its Minister !

Minister of Russian Federation rewarded Maestro Sachnyuk as Artist of Russia

Another medal for Gennady Sachenyuk

One of the best reward from Russian Federation for the Conductor Sachenyuk which lead the Ensemble to the success

Russian Minister congratuled Maestro Sachenyuk for his reward

2019 Sept 13th, a celebration day for th Maestro

The Minister congratuled the Chief Orchestra which is triumph all over the world since he is the leader of Alexandrov Ensemble



Young artists from the kids academy of Young Alexandrov was performing on stage withthe whole choir! Amazing experience for those young artists which are working hard to be the future of the Red Army Choir Ensemble!

The Red Army Choir at the news

Even the russian TV comes to China to cover the chinese tour of famous Red Army Choir Alexandrov ensemble.


2019 ? What a year !

Alexandrov Ensemble around the world

After visiting France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Turkey... The Red Army Choir was one month in China and finished their 2019 worldwide tour by a successful week of concerts in Montreal (Canada).

More dates...

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